Healthiest habits for long term success


Habits are all the talk these days, and for good reason. They are the little daily building blocks that can make your long term health goals reality. In this article we’ll discuss the healthiest (eating) habits that you can start to work on today. 

Books like ‘Atomic Habits’ by James Clear are dedicated to the creation of new, better habits while getting rid of the habits that are currently holding you back. If you haven’t yet, I suggest you grab that book right away (not connected in any way, I just really enjoyed reading it).

In the meantime I will share with you some of the healthiest eating habits, that you can start to apply with a habit tracker that you are free to use if you’d like to.

We’ll touch on how to track your consistency, but mostly focus on what you need to do to start making a change today. 8 simple habits that can drastically change your life when implemented consistently. They’re simple, they’re basic. But don’t underestimate what it takes to rewire your current habits, it won’t happen overnight.

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Healthiest habits for long term success

You might’ve heard things like “It takes 60 days to create a new habit”. While that may be the case if you work hard – which of course you are going to, right? – but without consistency not much will happen. Instead of giving yourself a deadline, I need you to focus on putting in the reps. All you need for now, is a start. One action. Not two, not three, one simple, realistic, achievable action which you can definitely implement on a daily basis. The more you try to change at once, the more overwhelmed you’ll likely feel. Keep it simple and just get really consistent with that one little action. 

Most of my online coaching clients track certain individualized habits. Because they check in with me on a weekly basis, there’s accountability and support. By filling in a habit tracker – a checklist – you get a visual representation of the actual work you’re putting in. A checklist is simple and effective. It’s detached from feelings, and brutally honest. It objectively shows you how you’re doing, and how consistent you really are.

Keep Going

No one walks into a gym and snatches 100kg on day one. It requires hundreds of repetitions, technique drills, dedication and most importantly: you showing up. Luckily for you, these habits will be much less technical than the snatch. However, there will be days when you don’t manage, when you’ll drop that bar, and that’s ok. Just pick it up and keep trying. This might sound like a lot of work, but I truly believe you can do this. Once a new habit is created, you won’t even need that checklist anymore, it’ll be ingrained into your new identity.

The 8 healthiest habits to work on

Now that you’re aware of what it’s going to take, you’re ready to know how to achieve long term health goals. You won’t even have to track your calories (although I do recommend doing so from time to time, at least at the beginning of your journey). If you manage to get at least a few of these into your daily schedule, you’re killing it. 

It’s the basic stuff that makes the biggest difference

Now before you go “Really? That’s it?”, know that it’s the basic shit that actually works. It’s exactly what you need. So pick one, and start implementing it today. Use your checklist, and show yourself you can do it. Don’t be fooled by how simple these habits are, you’ll be surprised how much of an impact they’ll have on your long term health. If you consistently apply them.

How These Healthy Habits Shape Your New Identity

It’s time to rewire your current habits, it’s time to actively invest in your own health. It’s going to require patience, effort and energy. But on the other side of it is your new identity, ready to take over. You’re going to eat more protein, fruits and vegetables. You’re going to exercise and drink plenty of water. You’re going to get your steps in while you enjoy that fresh air and a daily dose of sunlight. And lastly, you’re going to give yourself more time to recharge your mental batteries. 

You will know how to achieve long term health goals, and set an example for the people around you. You will be the inspiration they need to start to make a change for themselves. So let’s get on with it already, the journey to your new identity starts today.

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