Do I Really Need a Coach? – A Lesson About Guidance

This mini blog is the first of a 5-part series called “Lessons From the Himalayas”, where I share important life lessons that are essential for being successful on your personal health and fitness Odyssey. All while weaving in some memorable moments from my trek through the Himalayas back in 2019.
These blogs are purposely kept short in order to really drive home each lesson and  to allow time for you to apply what we’re going to talk about.
Promise me to take a few minutes to read these mini blogs, and I promise you that – when applied – these will help you reach your goals…
On your journey, you will meet friction, road blocks, and setbacks.
Most of which are mental.
You’ll doubt yourself, feel uncomfortable and confused about what to do… You’ll want things to go faster and be easier, and sometimes you’re so focused on the main goal that you miss what’s in front of you.
Whether you’re already on your fitness journey – your Odyssey – or you’re about to get started, this article is for you.
So, you might be wondering, why the hell would we talk about a trip to The Himalayas?
Here’s why:
    1. I’ve never pushed myself as hard, both physically and mentally, for so long.


    2. The memories and lessons learned still pop up in my head when I go through periods of self-doubt, friction, and discomfort.


    3. These lessons are crucial for YOUR long-term success.

Maybe you want to
lose fat and build muscle, improve your performance, or finally get healthier
Whatever big life goals you’re chasing, remember these 5 lessons I’m about to teach you.
Keep them top of mind. Remind yourself of them. Re-read this blog from time-to-time if you need to.
Most importantly… Promise yourself to keep going no matter what.
People love sharing the motivational posts and drop a quick fire-emoji on Instagram. But when it comes to getting uncomfortable and doing the work, they quickly lose motivation.
But not you.
You will do the work. You will keep going. And you will be open to learn, to get uncomfortable, and to appreciate the journey.
Now, please allow me to share my story, so you can learn and apply the same principles to your health and fitness Odyssey.

Lessons From The Himalayas - Part 1

As I planned my trek to Nepal, I couldn’t choose between the Everest Base Camp (EBC) trek and the Annapurna Circuit. So I extended my trip from 2 to 4 weeks, and decided to do both.
A BIG, ambitious goal. But having done a lot of hiking in Norway, I felt up for the challenge.
OK, it’s decided. EBC, check. Annapurna, check. Next question… Should I go with a guide, or save some money and go by myself?
I thought about it for a while, did some research, and asked around. Then when a friend of mine – who had already gone twice – recommended me a guiding company called Motherland Nepal, I decided to go with them.
(Bonus take-away/lesson: ask people in your direct environment who’ve been there/done that!)
And man, was it worth it having someone with me who:
      • Pushed me when necessary (which was more often than expected).
      • At other times, told me to slow down and take a break.
      • Was by my side and knew the journey ahead.
      • Could anticipate the weather and other conditions.
      • Had the connections for places to stay and eat.
      • Someone to chill, chat, and play cards with.
      • Even went as far as arranging a helicopter back to Kathmandu when our plane flight got cancelled due to bad weather.
Altogether, it was 100% worth having invested in a guide.
In all reality, could I have done it without? Sure. But that’s not what it’s about.
Because would it have been the same experience without? Absolutely not.
In certain situations it’s crucial to have a guide. Especially if you don’t have any prior experience.
I realized I had made the right choice going with a guide and letting him actually guide me, when about halfway into the EBC Trek I overheard an argument.
A stubborn traveler did not want to listen to his guide, and wanted to skip their acclimatization day. “I’m here to trek, not sit around and wait for a day!” they said.
His guide explained why doing the acclimatization day was essential. But unfortunately the traveler decided not to listen and split up from the group the next day.
A day later that person got altitude sickness and had to quit their trek altogether…
That same day, my guide and I discussed a hike that I wanted to do.
The hike would add 2 full days of trekking to our trip, but would take us to one of the highest lakes in the world! I really wanted to do it, but my guide said the conditions weren’t right.
Did I have similar feelings of “I want to go anyway”? Sure. But my guide was the experienced one in this scenario, so I listened and we decided it was better not to go.
The next day, people got injured and lost their lives because of a heavy rockfall…
The lesson here is that; if you don’t have the experience, if you’re unsure, if you don’t fully know what the road ahead will bring and how you’ll handle it; get guidance.
You may be able to do it on your own, possibly. But you may also make more mistakes.
Nothing improves your journey as much as having someone there with you on your journey. Someone who’s on your team, who can guide and support you, and make the right decisions.
You need a guide who can help you make objective decisions. And sometimes those decisions will go against what you want, because what you need to be successful long-term may be different.
The exact same thing goes for your health and fitness journey.
You can try to figure out your nutrition and lose weight on your own, and likely spin your wheels for quite a bit longer.
Or you can get help from someone who’s been there, done that, and knows the way. Someone who has the experience themself, as well as that with many others before you. Someone whose job is literally to BE the guide. It’s what they do and specialize in.
If you’re looking for guidance with your nutrition, health, and fitness, then that someone could be one of our experienced OCS coaches.
Things will get difficult. And your chance of success massively increases through mentoring, coaching, and other forms of guidance and accountability…
There aren’t a lot of REAL shortcuts in life, though this is one of them.
Those who have been there, done that, and already have the skills, knowledge, and experience needed for success, also tend to be the same people who are more than happy to share it with you.
So the choice is yours:
      • Rely on their experience and expert guidance.

      • Or try to figure things out yourself, make more mistakes, and take more time to reach the goal.
Are you willing to be guided?

Want to keep learning?