Odyssey Coaching Systems - The Odyssey

YOUR WEEKLY to-do’s:

  • Every module includes a Weekly Checklist that shows exactly what to focus on. At the start of every week, please double check your email and weekly checklist, and post any questions inside of the Client Community Space.

  • Watch your weekly videos based on the recommended schedule of work and your current progress.
  • *Optional but recommended* Attend our weekly ‘Office Hours’ Zoom meeting or watch the watch the replay.
  • *Optional but recommended* Want to contribute to our weekly articles and podcast episodes? Please submit a question related to our weekly topic inside the Client Community Space (Mondays).

IMPORTANT NOTE: If after a couple of days, you notice that you’re having a hard time reaching your macros or completing your To-Do’s, please post in the group and we’ll get you sorted! 🙂 We’re here to help!